We understand how stressful it can feel to leave your pet somewhere new, but feel confident in knowing our kennel assistants are trained in providing your pet with the love and affection they deserve. It is our responsibility and mission to make sure you leave here feeling like your pet is in good hands, safe, and comfortable.  

Dog Boarding

Each dog will be comfortable in their own run with a Kuranda bed and blanket. They are walked multiple times and are (with permission) fed treats daily. We understand that being in a different place and away from home can be stressful for some dogs, but we offer each pet enrichment in the form of puzzle toys and Kongs to help keep their brains busy. We even play soothing music that has been proven to calm your pet in anxious situations.  

Cat Boarding

Our cat ward is located away from all the noises of other pets. It helps provide a quiet environment where they can feel safe and you can feel confident in knowing their well being and comfort level is our main priority. We provide beds and "hiding spots," if they are nervous they can feel secure. Our kennel assistants check on them regularly and provide them with love, attention, and toys so they don't get bored.

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