Wellness Care

Whether your pet is a kitten or puppy, senior, or any age in between, wellness exams are a great way to help in creating a health profile for your pet. Exams allow us to conduct thorough physical exams as well as learn history, pet's appetites, behavior, exercise habits, and regular day to day activities at home. With the information obtained during a wellness examination, we are able to better determine what condition your pet is in. It can help us detect early signs of illness and allows us time to address health issues or questions you may have regarding your pet. With this information we are able to provide you and your pet with the best quality of care.

Through wellness exams our veterinarian and staff are able to establish a relationship with you and your pet. Through your pet’s physical exams we get to know their lifestyle, personality, health risks, and other important information. We encourage you to take an active role in your pet’s health care and schedule a wellness exam today.

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